Tears of Joy

Be not dismayed at the passing
of one who loved and praised our Lord.
The graveside is just the beginning
of a new life. We have Jesus’ word.
So our teardrops now should be
quite clearly tears of joy.

Disheartened? Not what we should feel
as we say this earth’s final good-bye.
To one who loved our Lord Jesus,
put their faith in God’s only Son.
So the stream of tears from our eyes now
must surely be tears of joy.

Do we doubt that Christ is our Savior?
Uncertain of Him as we pray?
This loved one, so alive when here with us,
knew well what our Master did say.
For them we should always now shed
quite happily tears of joy.

Know that our God keeps His promise
to all who have had Him guide their life.
Then those who your lips will last kiss,
will be blessed as you quit this earth’s strife.
Their eyes will then certainly glisten
with what they’ll recognize as tears of joy.

So believe now and follow Christ Jesus.
His good and true servant become.
One day He’ll call you to leave us,
when your soul from this life is set free.
Then shed for you also will be
finally others’ tears of joy.