Steadfast Faith

Believers in Jesus are certain,
of their steadfast faith in Him.
Knowing they will not be forgotten,
even when the future looks grim.

His word has endured through the ages,
Since that first bright Christmas night.
The Bible reveals on its pages,
His birth beneath the starís light.

What does He require of each of us?
Only faith and trust in God.
So believe in Christ Jesus we must,
and follow the path He trod.

But our faith in Him must be constant.
We cannot forsake Him some days.
For He is aware if we falter,
and knows every soul that strays.

Even His disciples had their doubts.
They all deserted His cross!
Overcome with fear among the shouts,
they could not fathom His loss.

So believe our Master can save you,
And cling to His word each day.
He will know if your faith has been true
and whether you earnestly pray.

Your faith in Jesus, if it is real,
through Him gives you a new birth.
Salvation for you is life eternal,
When your life ends on this earth.