Never Alone

Since I have known Jesus, Iím never alone.
He died on a cross, my sins to atone.

When life goes wrong do you feel all alone?
Left by yourself to cry out and to moan?

No one to turn to? Your strength seems all gone?
Do you feel then that your life is all done?

Have you forgotten, or just never known
one who is waiting, Godís only true Son.

He will give you His strength if only you ask.
If you believe, you must accept His tasks.

Freedom from sorrow He wonít promise you.
But strength will be yours, if your faith is true.

Blessed assurance He offers today,
For those who believe Him and earnestly pray.

His help and guidance are there to be had,
You will rejoice even when others are sad.

For you will know Jesus, the Savior of souls.
Then winning others for Him will be your goal.

Oh what joy when your life on this earth ends.
Never alone, you will see Christ, your friend.