The Maker

Who made the sunshine and stars in the sky?

Who formed the oceans and clouds passing by?

Woman and man He created in time,

God has a purpose thatís yours and is mine,

Uncertainty troubled wise men of old,

"Watch for the Messiah" prophets foretold,

Their hopes and prayers produced little effect,

And sometimes they all showed only neglect,

Then God changed all that when the Babe was born,

The night of Christís birth the star shone Ďtil morn,

Down from the Heavens came Godís only Son,

Offering salvation to us, every one,

Yet Satan persists, still tempting us all,

Who will stray from Godís path and heed sinís call?

If youíd resist sin thereís only one way,

Believe in Christ Jesus and follow Him today.