To Speak for Christ

Oh Lord of all the Heavens
And earth and space as well,
We give you thanks, dear Savior,
Who can all things foretell.

We do not know what
You have in store for us today,
But may we Lord accept it,
As humbly now we pray,

The love of God our Father,
To us so freely given
And Jesus Christ has told us,
Our sins can be forgiven.

How can we show our gratitude,
For Godís gift of His Son?
Only by in Him believing,
As earthís short race we run.

To speak for Christ the Savior,
He left us mortals here,
Instructing that we tell them,
All who can see or hear,

That God sent Jesus to earth,
To teach and preach and tell,
Us what we must say and do,
To save others from Hell.

We pray for your support, Lord,
As for your strength we call,
So help us now, O Jesus,
To spread Your word to all.