Christ Among Us

What if I met Jesus here on this earth today?
Would I recognize Him and what would I say?

He might be a farmer or meet me on a bus.
Perhaps Heíd be lonely, maybe want my trust.

Would I show Him mercy He might seem to need?
Even seek forgiveness for some unkind deed?

If among the hungry, would I share my food?
And if he were needy, give some of my goods?

What if I perceived Him not to know of Godís word?
Would I stop and tell Him Jesus Christ is our Lord?

Soon Iíll meet a stranger quite unknown to me.
A child, woman, or man, might that one be He?

All of us are children of just a single God.
Living on the same earth, here where Jesus trod.

Brothers and sisters all, our Lordís own family.
Do they look at my life and in me Jesus see?

Christ does dwell among us, even this very day.
He wants us to love Him and to listen, watch and pray.

So when you see the poor, down-trodden, sad and sick,
Remember it may be Christ. Your response should be quick.

Treat all as if they were your siblings parents or spouse or child.
For in them may dwell, the Christmas Babe so mild.