Lifeís Values Rearranged

Do you know Christ, my Savior? His light shines in my heart.

If you truly do love Him, then you will from sin depart.

He never disappoints me, always here as my friend.

Meet Him, become acquainted. Christís love will never end.

So much in life uncertain, circumstances change day by day.

But Godís grace always beckons, if you would only pray.

If you allow Jesus to rule your heart and mind,

Then strength to face tomorrow from Him is what youíll find.

Whatís darkness and whatís evil , inside your soul today,

Would disappear at His word. If in Christís fold you stay.

He wants to save you and me from Satanís awful clutch.

Who else has died for your sins? Christ loves you very much.

Come, meet my friend, this Jesus. He will welcome you I know.

And if you believe in Him, your faith in Christ will show.

To others all around you, your life will then be changed.

Christ will come first in your heart and your lifeís values rearranged.