Hunger for His Love

Hunger for Jesus and thirst for His love,
Seek out the light sent from Heaven above,

Know that our Savior wants all to believe,
This we must do, to His blessing receive,

Jesus is calling to you and to me,
He died for our sins on Golgothaís tree,

God sent the Babe, just to set us all free
Of Satanís power, if we hear Christís plea,

Longing for our love, Jesus waits for us,
If weíre to be saved, believe Him we must,

Oh what peace and joy can be ours today,
If we know Jesus and to Him we pray,

Those who believe Him will follow His way,
Through life they will not from His path stray,

Telling Christís story to others each day,
Living as Heíd have us at work and play,

Leading our sisters and brothers to Him,
We can do His work if their souls we win,

Children can know Christ, for He seeks them too,
They are aware just what we say and do,

Take time to read and to think of our Lord,
For to have faith grow we must know His word,