A Miraculous Birth at Christmas

Slow trod the donkey, heavy it's load,

Bethlehem ever closer.

Traveling along that dusty road,

Unable to go faster.

But oh what a great disappointment,

For just no room could be found.

To the stable they were then sent;

Animals were all around.

A miracle babe's birth on Christmas,

Jesus laid in a manger.

Oh, what a happy morn that was,

He seemed so far from danger.

When they first beheld the Christ child,

Lying peaceful in the straw,

Who would have thought this babe so mild

Could soon such attention draw.

Mary knew that He was blessed.

God had told her, this we know.

Joseph must have been distressed,

But was faithful even so.

The events that soon did follow

That first blessed Christmas eve,

Would to Mary and Joseph show

That in Him they should believe.

There were signs they could not dismiss,

And they wondered as they saw.

Each one knelt Jesus' cheek to kiss,

Fast asleep on bed of straw.

The great star of that first Christmas

Over Bethlehem did shine.

Brightest light of all then it was,

Changed a stable to a shrine.

God's angels watched over Jesus.

Dazzling brilliance they did show,

As they kept their vigil o'er them,

Resting silently below.

From such humble first beginnings

Would the Savior of earth grow.

To save us from all our sinning,

Forgiveness for us all to show.

Shepherds in the field, astonished

At the sight that they beheld.

One day by their King admonished,

Crowds around this babe would swell.

Still the star continued shining,

Brightly both by day and night.

Wise men up the hills kept climbing

'Til Bethlehem came in sight.

Three rich gifts for Him they all brought

From their homes so far away.

Worshipped Christ, the King they all sought

In the stable where He lay.

Happiness from all of them stemmed.

But could they really perceive

That from this small one before them,

We salvation can receive?

Kings did tremble when they first learned

Of one who would rule the world.

For His death and end they all yearned,

As confusion in them whirled.

Time revealed to them the real truth,

That He was the blessed one.

And they learned in time that from youth,

He was God's true only Son.

Now each Christmas we remember,

How in Bethlehem one night

While the world was deep in slumber,

And the star shone oh so bright

He was born to die for all who

Follow where our Savior leads.

Christmas morn He will call to you,

When for your heart He pleads.

Blessed Christmas and salvation

To all who believe in Him.

That's God's promise to all people

Who would turn to Christ from sin.