His Faith Rewarded

Waiting for Jesus so high in the tree,
Zaccheus too short for Jesus to see.

Hoping the Master would bless Him that day,
all he could do was be watchful and pray.

His past deeds haunted the man on that morn,
but Zaccheus was no longer so forlorn.

For He now believed in Christ and had changed.
Repayments of all his thefts were arranged.

Half that he owned he had given to the poor.
This would attest that his motive was pure.

Jesus did see him and called him by name.
Blessed by the master, he was never the same.

None of us knows how Jesus will appear,
but we can be sure He is always near.

He waits for each of us to come to Him.
Each must find Christ, before lifeís light grows dim.

How high would you climb to see Jesusí face?
Then make a pledge that time cannot erase.

Place your life in His hands, even for all time.
Follow where He leads, joy will be sublime.

Pray to Jesus for His guidance each day.
Patiently wait for Him to show you the way.

Tell the good news of Christís dying for all.
Then hope that others will answer His call.

What will He give in return for your love?
Bountiful riches - not here, but above.

Only believe and Christ will save your soul.
There is no other way your life can be made whole.