How We Pray

Pray to thank God for your blessings,
Name them for Him, one by one,
Greatest of all He has given,
Grace from our Savior, His Son,

Pray to the Lord for forgiveness,
All sin each day that we live,
But if we believe in Jesus,
Power oíer Satan He will give,

Pray when this life seems carefree,
Tell others that Christ you believe,
If sometimes all seems to go wrong,
Strength Jesus gives when we grieve,

Pray that others will accept Him,
And make our Savior their Lord,
Show them how Christ guides your own life,
Then they might believe His word,

Pray He will use you for his work,
Show you the way to serve Him,
Rejoice for Christís gift of His love,
Godís path on earth is not grim,

Pray you will never forsake Him,
Always make Jesus your friend,
Follow His footsteps in this life,
And youíll meet Him when it ends.