Temptations to Sin

We all face temptations each day of our lives
Cheating, stealing, lying, each with such appeal
But you can resist them all
If your faith in Christ is real

Who would ever know if you committed sin?
What if you were very careful?
Then discovery might never occur
And of guilt you might feel free

Oh but there is one to whom it would be known
No way to hide what’s in your heart from Jesus
He knows all of your thoughts and acts
That’s true for each one of us

We each must realize who’s watching always
And knows every time temptation o’ertakes
As we falter and stumble once again
Jesus knows all of our mistakes

Unkind words, selfish acts, jealously and hate
Each day all of them tempt you and me
If it were not for God’s love
We would never Heaven see

But Christ’s sacrifice on Golgotha’s dark hill
Changed your fate if you follow His way
He promised to you forgiveness of sins
Just believe, repent, follow and pray