Blessed Jesus

Blessed Jesus be our guide. Keep Your Spirit by our side.

When from Your pathway we stray, please forgive us Lord, we pray.

Though we try to be like You, it is not easy, that is true.

Give us strength to live this life amidst earthly toil and strife.

Daily keeping You in mind, to all others we must be kind.

Help the needy was Your command. Please remind us as we stand

ready Lord, gold to cherish. But we must not, or we shall perish.

Yet itís hard to give away what weíve worked for every day.

Enemies so hard to love, yet we know You watch above.

Others we must just forgive, if with You we would some day live.

Thank You God for sending Him. Without Christ our chance is slim

of one day to see Your face, without Jesusí saving grace.