The Light Of The World

The light of the world is Jesus. There is no other way to see God.

Only believe in the Christ child and follow the path Jesus trod.

He set the example for all time. Made clear what He would have us do.

Promised salvation for all souls who choose to accept life anew.

His path is not easy you will find. The Bible tells what we must do.

Accept Him and make Christ your Lord. Of sins we all have quite a few.

No manner of acts can insure eternal life for any soul.

Christ died on a cross for our sins. Only His death can make us whole.

Believe Him and let His light shine, into your heart and out from your face.

Accept Jesus as your Savior. He will be with you in every place.

Both night and day He will support you, as you travel over all the earth.

Rejoice and tell others you meet, the good news of Jesus Christís birth.