Let His Light Shine In You

God gave us the gift of Jesus,
Whose light ever shines into earthís dark,
He sends it toward every soul,
Hoping in each heart to light a spark,

Open your heart and receive it,
For money canít buy Jesus gift,
Let this spark light a fire in your heart,
Itís sure to give your spirit a lift,

And just how will it change your life?
No longer will you be the same,
Christís Spirit will curb your desire,
To long for earthís fortune and fame,

His light will spur interest in others,
Youíll yearn to tell them of your Lord,
And so urge all unbelievers,
To study and accept His word,

Will this bring your soul peace and joy,
To labor for Christ in this life?
The Holy Spirit will surround you,
And uphold you in all of earthís strife,

With God at your side every morning,
Always to provide strength to give
Yourself to help others to know Him,
Rest assured that forever youíll live.