If You Trust

Come unto me calls Christ Jesus,
If youíll follow me, I will lead,
You will find guidance for this life,
If only the Bible youíll read,

Ask the Son of God for His help,
He waits for your prayers each day,
For His guidance, strength and desire,
On His path for your footsteps to stay,

No one can answer Him for you,
Every soul must make their own choice,
Who will you listen to this day?
Will you heed the Masterís voice?

Come unto me said Christ Jesus,
If you do He will give you rest,
Not free you from this lifeís trials,
But show you the way to live best,

Sent by His father to this earth,
Born as a babe in a manger,
Offering to all salvation,
He was aware of His danger,

Crucified to end His life here,
As a man dwelling among us,
Died to save us all from sin,
His grace can be yours if you trust.