He Died For Us All

Looking skyward, reaching upward, groping for the hand of God.

Seeking to direct my footsteps in the path that Jesus trod.

Comforting to know the Christ child, born as man so long ago.

Crucified to save us sinners, if Christ as our Lord we know.

Certain that our God does love us, sent His Son to save us all.

Asking that each soul believe Him, lest in the abyss we fall.

How can I reject Lord Jesus, when as a man He died for me?

On a hill they called Golgotha, dying on that awful tree.

If only once He would appear, shake my hand and speak with me.

It would be so much easier. Then I would surely be of sin set free.

So rejoice and know our Savior offers salvation to us.

Free to all who answer His call and as Lord accept Jesus.