What He Left Behind

In the morning of our life we are defenseless,
Dependent upon our parents and our God.
We soon grow and learn to walk on our own legs,
In footsteps just like the baby Jesus trod.

Then as we grow through childhood into adults,
Our path wanders from Jesus Christ’s way,
And then sin enters into each of our lives,
Oh so often at school, at work and at play.

Finally fully grown and physically mature,
Many choices face you every day,
The hustle and bustle of your activities,
Leaves so little time for you to pray,

But Jesus Christ asks for prayer unceasing.
How can this be? Awake and asleep?
The conscious and unconscious mind?
Surely the Scripture’s message is deep.

Can you sleep in an attitude of prayer?
Perhaps, if in Jesus you truly believe.
Knowing His Holy Spirit is always with you,
Fears and uncertainties to relieve.

Each must struggle to keep Christ always in mind,
And thus live in an attitude of prayer.
So pause often each day to speak with your Savior.
Feeling secure, knowing His Spirit is always there.