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Our hope lies in the promise
Of Jesus Christ our King.
Lord, bless this food to our use,
As thanks to you we bring.

Too seldom do we praise God,
To thank Him for His grace
And for spiritual food,
Until we see His face.

Accept our thanks for this new day
Lord, help us to use it for You.
Grateful as well for food and drink,
May we today to Christ be true.

For life and food we now give thanks,
For friends and families, too.
May we in all our days ahead,
To Jesus Christ stay true.

Lord, did we speak for You today?
If not, then help us to.
For this food and for blessings all,
We give our thanks to You.

Godís mornings dawn eternally,
But one day ours will end.
May we today live as You wish
Lord, thank You for food, faith and friends.

How can we thank you Lord,
Enough for all Youíve given,
For our food and for Your trust,
And for our sins forgiven.

Sustain us with the bread of life,
That only You can give.
To fill our souls and bodies, Lord,
That for You we may live.

For food and for Your saving grace,
We thank you as we pray.
Lord , help us now to serve You well
In all we do and say.

Thanksgiving day is every day,
For those who love our Lord.
So we give thanks for this food now,
And for Christís precious word.

For food thatís before us
And friends that are near,
We thank You dear Savior,
Knowing You are near.

How often on this day
Will we pause to thank God,
For leading our footsteps
On the path that Christ trod?

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