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Life sometimes seems a cloudy day,
But Godís son guides us if we pray,
And daily give Him thanks for life,
Following Him through each dayís strife.

We come to the table this morning,
So thankful that Christ is our King,
May we this day live as Heíd have us,
And to others His message bring.

Lord we are grateful for this meal,
May we today Your presence feel,
The Holy Spirit always near,
Your will for us keep always clear.

Holy Spirit, Lord divine,
Stay inside this heart of mine,
Always near, to be my guide,
May I never from You hide.

Thankful for Godís blessings all,
And for Jesus most of all,
Giving thanks for daily bread,
By your Spirit we are led.

Thank You Jesus for this day,
Help us dear Lord as we pray,
Grateful for Your blessings all,
May we always heed your call.

Our God freely gives,
But one day takes away,
Everything here on this earth,
Of what we see today.

Dear Lord who made our hearts and souls,
And all that is within us,
We pray for guidance now today,
As we try to follow Jesus.

When we awake each morning,
What should be our first thought?
Thank Jesus Christ our Savior,
Who our salvation bought.

Gracious Savior, Lord of all,
On your precious name we call,
Giving thanks to you for life,
And your guidance through earthís strife.

As the sun moves across the sky,
Day by day our lives pass by,
May we always thankful be,
For Godís Son, who makes us free.

Again we sit at the table Lord,
Grateful that you provide our food,
For both our bodies and our souls,
Thanks to Jesus, who makes us whole.

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