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For Jesusí grace and precious blood,
We give thanks for this food,
May we awake each day ahead,
Worshipping him who for us bleed.

Jesus keeps us in his sight,
Every day from morn to night,
Daily we give thanks for all
Of his blessings, great and small.

How can we show how thankful,
We are for Christ our lord?
By always trying to live
According to his word.

Where can we look for comfort,
And for guidance and for strength?
Only to Christ our Savior,
Who we shall see at length.

As we awake to each new day,
With thankful hearts to Christ we pray,
Committed now to run lifeís race,
That we may see our Masterís face.

Not all things come to an end,
Not life, if Jesus is your friend,
Thank you Lord for blessings all,
May we always heed your call.

Start each day right with Jesus,
Pray to him when you awake,
Thank him for all he has given you,
Heíll keep the promises he makes.

Please hear us, dear Jesus,
As now to you we pray,
With thanks for the blessings,
You send to us this day.

For food, family and friends,
And likewise for Your grace,
We thank you now dear Savior,
With Your Spirit in this place.

Thank You for this food, O Lord,
And for the chance today,
To live as Jesus Christ taught,
For this we humbly pray.

Once again we pause to give
Thanks, for God has blessed us,
With the opportunity,
To tell all of Jesus.

As night fades to morning,
We greet a new day,
With thanks for faith and food,
To Christ we now pray.

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