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Thank You God for food we eat,
And for the chance today to meet,
Others who don’t know Jesus,
Help us to know He counts on us.

As we try in this life to please
Christ, who believers from sin frees,
So, thankful for the food we eat,
May we bring others to His feet.

Thank You for Your Son, Lord,
And for the love He brought,
Thank You for this food, Lord,
May we live as we ought.

Good morning, Lord, with the thanks we pray,
For you to guide us through this day,
Food for our bodies and our souls,
Your Son, our Lord, does make us whole.

For all the beauties of Your earth,
We give You thanks, O Lord,
May we forever tell Your tale,
And spread to all Your word.

For Christian friends that faith provides,
We all give thanks this night,
May we, Your servants, always bow,
To Jesus’ power and might.

We’re grateful to Jesus for this life,
And for the chances it gives,
To follow our Master’s word each day,
Knowing that our sins He forgives.

As night draws nigh, we thank You Lord,
For lives we’ve lived this day,
And for the food You have given us,
So to Your Son we pray.

Another day, Your gift dear Lord,
How shall we serve You now?
With thanks and praise for all we have,
We’re here because You allow.

One day shorter grows this life,
Each day that we awake,
With thankful hearts we pray now,
As of this food we partake.

No greater love had anyone,
Then Him who died to save,
Our hearts are thankful knowing , Lord,
Jesus our sins forgave.

We thank You God for Christ our Lord,
May we each strive to do His word,
Grateful for this food we eat,
With trust that one day we shall meet.

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