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Food for the body
And food for the soul,
Needs we all do share.
Thank God and be whole.

We all need Godís blessings,
Like this food and this drink.
For both then be thankful,
And of Jesusí words think.

The sun says itís morning,
And today dawns anew.
Thank God for our blessings,
For we have quite a few.

At mid-day we pause for food,
To maintain our health.
Lord, help us today to gain
Faith rather than wealth.

May the food that is before us,
Strengthen us today.
To tell others of our Savior,
Now to Christ we pray.

For families, faith and food this day,
We give You thanks, Oh Lord.
May we go forth in all we do,
To spread Christ Jesusí word.

Near the cross we long to stay,
Feeding on your word today.
Thankful for the food we eat,
Trusting Christ one day to meet.

Ever grateful for Your Son,
For through Him the victoryís won.
Thank You God for food this day.
Keep us thankful, Lord, we pray.

Thanks we give for health and food;
May our work for You be good.
Keep Your Angels near us, Lord,
As we strive to spread Your word.

Beauties of Your earth surround
Us each day here on Your ground.
Grateful for the food we eat,
Trust will make our faith complete.

Ever thankful for Your love,
Feed our spirits from above.
Thanks we bring for food from Thee,
Mindful Christ died on the tree.

To nourish the body, mind and soul,
We look to Jesus to make us whole.
Thank God for His blessings from above.
All that He asks of us, is to Christ love.

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