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Each day as the sun rises in the sky,
We give thanks for Jesus as noon draws nigh.
Ever grateful for blessings of all kinds,
We pray that each of us faithful He finds.

What have we each done today to deserve,
The food that on this table now is served?
God provides for us the gift of life,
Pray for guidance amid this world’s strife.

Dear Lord, kind Lord, gracious Lord of all,
We ask thy forgiveness, lest we fall,
This morning we bow before Thee
Giving thanks for all we see.

Food for body and mind,
We do need each day.
And to us You are so kind,
With thanks we now pray.

Soon this day will be over,
And You have fed us again.
So as Your Angels hover,
We give You thanks, Oh Lord.

For life and food and health and faith,
We give you thanks, oh Lord,
But most of all we praise you, Lord,
That Jesus Christ was born.

We come to this table today, Lord,
Thankful for the food You give us,
May it provide the energy,
To win souls today for Jesus.

Jesus keep us near Your cross,
May we serve You daily,
Thanks we give as this day’s food,
Helps us Your way to see.

The Lord will be our shepherd,
On each and every day,
So humbly with thanks for food,
To Him we this night pray.

Thank you Jesus for this day,
Help us now, oh Lord, we pray,
What we do and what we say,
Will be always in Your way.

Dear Lord, help us ne’er forget,
How You died to save us,
Thankful all today, as we
Try to follow Jesus.

Once again, we now awaken,
Thankful for what you’ve given us,
For this food to sustain bodies,
But most of all for Christ Jesus.

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