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As the sun begins to set,
We look back on this day, Lord,
Thankful for the chance we’ve had,
To tell others of Your word.

For food to sustain us,
For lives to live for You,
Thanks we give You, Lord,
Help us to Christ be true.

What have we done this morning,
To spread Your word to all?
We are so thankful today,
To have heard Jesus’ call.

Thank You, O Lord, for this fine day,
As at Your feet we humbly pray,
Help us, O Lord, that we may show,
To all we meet that Christ we know.

Food for the body and food for the soul,
Both gifts from our God to make us whole.
Thankful are we that God both does provide,
If we keep Jesus always at our side.

So thankful are we for this new day,
May we today follow Jesus’ way,
Thankful are we for the food He gives,
May we alwasys like Christ try to live.

As we gather for this food,
Thank You Lord for blessings all,
Help us shed our unbelief,
So we answer Jesus’ call.

Give thanks to our God for Christ Jesus,
Give thanks for this earth and for life,
Give thanks as we eat what’s before us,
Give thanks for God’s help in life’s strife.

Thank You, Lord for this new day,
Guide us as we humbly pray,
Giving thanks for food to eat,
As we worship at Your feet.

Thanks Lord for this food to eat,
Our souls kneeling at Your feet,
Praying Christ one day to meet,
If our faith in Him’s complete,

May we this day show to You,
That our gratitude is true,
Then before this life is through,
What You wish is what we’ll do.

For family, friends and for this food
We thank You now this night.
May what You’d have us say and do
Stay always in our sight.

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