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As we pause to give thanks
For this food that weíll eat,
Oh how grateful we are
For Jesusí mercy seat.

For all the blessings from our God,
Who knows each thing we do,
Thanks we now give once again,
As we strive to Christ be true.

Lord bless the poor and the sick,
And those who know You not,
Help us bring them to Jesus,
Lest their souls be forgot.

Food for the body and food for the soul,
Both from Christ Jesus, who makes us whole,
Praise and thanksgiving we bring as we pray,
Help us to be faithful on this Thy new day.

Grateful are we at the end of the day,
For Your blessing, Lord, we pray,
Thank you for this food today,
May Your spirit near us stay.

Thank You, Lord, for this fine day,
Guide our footsteps in Your way,
Grateful for this food to eat,
Help our faith to be complete.

The sky above, and earth and seas,
You have given us, dear Lord,
We give thanks for this food to eat,
And for Jesusí blessed word.

Once again we awaken in Your world,
And thank you Lord for this day,
With grateful hearts for food to feed
Our hearts and souls today.

The glory of Your sunshine, Lord,
Warms earth and heart and soul,
For faith and food we now give thanks,
Christ Jesus, make us whole.

As we approach the end of day,
We sit before You, Lord,
Giving thanks for this food to eat,
And for Christís precious word.

What will we do for Christ today,
As humbly now with thanks we pray?
So grateful for this food we eat,
Lord, help us follow You today.

Again we pause again today,
To give thanks for this food,
So grateful to Lord Jesus,
Who saved us by His blood.

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