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How glorious God’s sunshine,
That blesses us each morn,
Thanks, Lord, for this food to eat,
And for the Christ child born.

How can we give enough thanks,
For food and faith and friends?
Only by loving Jesus,
Serving Him ‘til this life ends.

Another day we’ve worshipped
Jesus, the Lord of love.
For sustenance of body,
We thank our God above.

We waken Lord with praise,
And thanks for Christ our Lord.
Grateful for food to eat,
And for His guiding word.

The beauty of this earth,
Breathtaking it can be,
Our gratitude for life,
Expressed in love for Thee.

How can we e’er repay
God for His gifts to us?
Only by giving thanks,
And following Jesus.

The Holy Spirit watched over us,
Through this past night of sleep,
Thankful for that care and for this food,
May our faith grow more deep.

Blessed by the grace of Jesus,
Though it was not earned by us,
Food for body and spirit,
With thanks in Him we trust.

Show us Lord the way to go,
That your purpose we may know.
Then we’ll go forth and tell to all,
Come to Christ, answer His call!

Thank You Lord for the chance to serve,
With all our hearts and souls and nerves,
The Holy Spirit near at our side,
We can rely on It to guide.

The darkness of night has brightened,
As have our hopes for this new day.
With heads now bowed in thanksgiving,
Sustained by Christ Jesus we pray.

As our thoughts turn once again
To blessings from our Lord,
We give thanks for saving grace
Revealed in Jesus’ word.

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