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The darkness of night has brightened,
As have our hopes for this new day.
With heads now bowed in thanksgiving,
Sustained by Christ Jesus we pray.

As our thoughts turn once again
To blessings from our Lord,
We give thanks for saving grace
Revealed in Jesusí word.

Each day our lives shorten by one,
Who can we win today
For Christ, by our prayers, thoughts and acts?
With thanks we now do pray.

We wakened now this morning,
For God gave us this day.
May we use these hours for Him,
As thankfully we pray.

At sunset we pause once again,
To give thanks to you, Lord,
For family, food and faith and friends
And for Christís blessed word.

The sun in all its glory is
Outshone by Jesusí light,
Accept our thanks for sustenance
We pray, O God of might.

As noontide signals day half-gone,
We pause to eat this food.
With thankful hearts for Jesus Christ
Who showed us sin subdued.

The sun sets on another day
Weíve had to serve our King.
For guidance and for food to eat,
Thanks to our Lord we bring.

As children of our Heavenly King,
Again this morn your praise we sing,
Thankful that You care for us all,
May we today answer Your call.

Just as our bodyís warmed by sun,
Our souls warm from love of Jesus.
Praying gratefully for Your grace,
Accept the thanks now givín by us.

We bow our heads in prayer this night,
Bathed in the beauty of Your earth.
Thankful for food to nourish us,
Lord keep us mindful of Christís birth.

Godís sun lights every land on earth,
His love is meant for all.
With thanks for Christís message of old,
We pray they heed His call.

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