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Thank you Jesus for this food,
May your will be understood,
By each of us on this day,
As to you we now do pray.

Good morning Lord, we pause to say,
Thank you for food, faith and friends,
My we be faithful day by day,
Serving you ‘til this journey ends.

Dear God we thank you for Your Son,
And for this food as well,
Keep us forever in your sight,
‘Til with You we shall dwell.

For faith through all adversities
We give you thanks oh Lord.
Please bless this food before us now,
And help us live your word

Thank You Jesus for this new day,
When we can worship and can pray.
Help us always to sing your praise,
Through all our nights and all our days.

The hand of Jesus leads us
Through this life day by day,
And so we give to God thanks,
For food, as now we pray.

The first rays of sunlight
Announce a new day.
So how shall we spend it?
Will we take time to pray?

To our Lord we give thanks,
For near us He stays.
Thanks to Him for this food,
May we sing His praise.

Another day rejoicing
That Jesus is our Lord.
We’re thankful now for this food
And His reassuring word.

For wonders of our Father’s world,
Revealed to us each day,
And for the food which He provides,
We give thanks as we pray.

The sunshine of our lives is Jesus,
He gave us all that we possess,
Let us now give thanks for this day’s food,
As to Him our sins we confess.

We’re thankful the Holy Spirit
Will be with us every day,
May we now attempt to follow
Along our Lord Jesus’ way.

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