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Thankful for all our blessings,
They come from Christ our Lord.
With hope for our tomorrows,
We try to heed His word.

Grateful to our Savior
For O so many things,
For the reassurance,
That faith in Jesus brings.

The sunshine and the birds and seas,
remind us Lord of thee,
Please help us now on this new day,
That we your servants be.

For Christian friends we thank you Lord,
May we serve You today,
And each day from our busy lives,
Take the time out to pray.

Help us now O Lord we pray,
That we will take the time today,
To give thanks for Jesusí birth,
Living His way here on earth.

Thank you Lord for this day,
We will try to do your Your will,
So that by the time we sleep tonight,
Our faith is deeper still.

How can we thank Jesus
In Heaven above?
Just by our living
In His wondrous love.

How can we serve our Lord today,
From His pathway never to stray?
Help us Jesus, be our guide,
May we never from You hide.

We give praise to God this morning,
May we show His love all the day,
Following the path of Jesus,
Each thanking Him now as we pray.

Thank you Jesus for this day,
Let your Spirit near us stay,
So that what we do and say,
Pleases You, O Lord, we pry.

Please listen Lord, now as we pray,
Thank you Jesus for this day,
We worship You as King,
May we all Your praises sing.

Jesus loves us, this we know,
May our faith now daily grow,
So that we can beacons be,
Guiding other souls to Thee.

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