The Only True Light

Temptations may darken our sky every day
Morning and night Satan tempts us
We must face sin daily at work and play
The light in your life can be Jesus

How to say "no" when we see something’s wrong?
Be honest when we know that we must?
Easy to be weak, how can we be strong?
The light in your life should be Jesus

Where to seek help when Satan tempts?
How to resist lies, greed and lust?
Daily these temptations assail our souls
There’s no where else to find true light but Jesus

Sometimes we all need help to do right
And make the choice that’s clearly just
Christ set the course, we should never lose sight
Make the light of your life be Jesus

Light of my life, light of my life
To Christ I humbly pray
Give me the strength and the will to do right
And to live for You every day