The blessings of Jesus began when Christ was born,
If you accept them fully, they will your life adorn.

The blessings of Jesus, how can they become yours?
Ask, and they will be given if your belief is sure.

The blessings of Jesus are free to one and all
Who will follow in Christís way, and answer to His call.

The blessings of Jesus for those both great and small,
Will fill your soul, and on you like rains from Heaven fall.

The blessings of Jesus all people can obtain,
If you make Him your shepherd, and in His flock remain.

The blessings of Jesus, for those who truly seek,
Must believe wholeheartedly. Your faith cannot be weak.

The blessings of Jesus, disciples learned of old,
Will change your life completely, changed them from meek to bold.

The blessings of Jesus like the sun and moon and stars,
Will be for you a beacon, and guide you from afar.

The blessings of Jesus, how can they now be found?
The way that Christ taught us, when He walked here on the ground.

The blessings of Jesus come only from above.
They are gifts from Heaven, from Christ to us with love.

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