The blessings of Jesus, some sadly never find,
If Satan rules your life, you will be left behind.

The blessings of Jesus will follow where you go,
If you wll heed His call, and your faith in Him shows.

The blessings of Jesus can calm your angered soul,
Just listen for Christ’s voice, His love can make you whole.

The blessings of Jesus will reward child-like faith,
If you truly believe, just live as Jesus sayeth.

The blessings of Jesus are for both young and old,
Pray that He’ll grant the gift, to one day Him behold.

The blessings of Jesus are given from morn ‘til night,
Remember that what you do, is always in His sight.

The blessings of Jesus, have you counted yours today?
Consider them a while, thank Him as you humbly pray.

The blessings of Jesus will strengthen you when you meet,
An unbeleiviing soul. Will you speak or just retreat?

The blessings of Jesus, began the day of your birth,
When it comes to an end, what will it have been worth?

The blessings of Jesus, shout Hallelujah now,
Just tell the world of Him, and true faith to others show.

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