The blessings of Jesus have only just one source.
If you would receive them, you can’t stray from His course.

The blessings of Jesus, if on the Christ you’ll call,
Will then make you successful, sin’s tempting to forestall.

The blessings of Jesus, God meant for you and me,
But each of us must ask Him. If you love Christ they’re free.

The blessings of Jesus, if you in Him believe,
Then from Christ you will truly eternal joy receive.

The blessings of Jesus, to you He will extend
Without a limitation, just love Him to the end.

The blessings of Jesus, come and sit at His feet.
Hear His teachings and follow, your rapture will be sweet.

The blessings of Jesus are truly so complete.
They’ll guard your soul each day, till Christ in Heaven you meet.

The blessings of Jesus, each one needs only ask.
But once they have been granted, you must accept His tasks.

The blessings of Jesus, can your faith meet His test?
It will be tested daily, as the sun sinks in the West.

The blessings of Jesus to you He will assure.
His blessing is forever, of that you can be sure.

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