The blessings of Jesus to you He does extend.
Just make Him your own Savior, His love will never end.

The blessings of Jesus, they can be yours today.
But they are not guaranteed, unless for them you pray.

The blessings of Jesus, if you make Him your guide,
Will not leave you alone. Christ is always at your side.

The blessings of Jesus, bestowed without a sound.
But others will observe that His love in you abounds.

The blessings of Jesus, of all them which is best?
How fortunate we all are to be so amply blessed.

The blessings of Jesus will lead you close to Him.
His fire will burn in your heart, and never ever dim.

The blessings of Jesus, like water that is pure,
Comes from a source we all know that always is secure.

The blessings of Jesus the Bible clearly says,
Are given to every one who daily for them prays.

The blessings of Jesus provide a guarantee,
If you follow Christ as Lord, you will Him one day see.

The blessings of Jesus in good times and in bad,
Will constantly support you, on happy days or sad.

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