The blessings of Jesus, God, Son and Holy Ghost
Will all surround you daily, if you love them the most.

The blessings of Jesus will lead you through this life,
So follow in Christís footsteps through pain, trials and strife.

The blessings of Jesus from Him forever flow
To those whose Lord He is, and whose faith does daily grow.

The blessings of Jesus can come like a great flood,
To permeate through your soul, unbelievably good.

The blessings of Jesus from Satanís clutches shield,
They will support you daily, from temptings not to yield.

The blessings of Jesus, without them lifeís a loss,
So many fail to follow the straight way to the cross.

The blessings of Jesus must be sought every day.
And our faith must be constant, so daily seek and pray.

The blessings of Jesus will you now make them yours?
Believe in Him every day, only the Christ assures.

The blessings of Jesus, sometimes hard to comprehend,
They can be yours forever, just serve Him to the end.

The blessings of Jesus, what will you love the most?
Make the Christ your own Savior, or your lifeís surely lost.

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