The blessings of Jesus follow where ever you go,
His love and peace and kindness, to all others you will show.

The blessings of Jesus every day you will feel,
They will change your life so much, and will be very real.

The blessings of Jesus through all of this life’s trials,
Your burdens surely lighten, when Jesus on you smiles.

The blessings of Jesus will daily show His way,
Although it is not easy, follow His path today.

The blessings of Jesus, in you they will be seen.
So believe and know surely, your soul He will redeem.

The blessings of Jesus, oh make them yours today,
Just join His flock right now friend, and never from it stray.

The blessings of Jesus, forever He will grant,
But for those who do not believe, His graces will be scant.

The blessings of Jesus will help you when you pray,
God listens, this we all know, to every word we say.

The blessings of Jesus do come with a command,
We must live a Christ-like life, as closely as we can.

The blessings of Jesus, when will you make them yours?
This choice each one of us must make, to reach the distant shore.

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