The blessings of Jesus can make your life complete.
But without Christ you cannot approach the mercy seat.

The blessings of Jesus will help you not to stray
From His paths of righteousness, as you live day by day.

The blessings of Jesus, they will not let you hide
His light from all those you meet, if He is by your side.

The blessings of Jesus, not all will them attain.
For those who do not know Christ, He will surely disdain.

The blessings of Jesus, so like a river wide.
Encompassing all those who through faith in Him abide.

The blessings of Jesus, some will never know,
Unless you put your faith in Him, and daily help it grow.

The blessings of Jesus, how can we all be sure,
That Christ is truly our God? Study His life so pure.

The blessings of Jesus, where will they lead your soul?
To heights only that you will know, when with your Lord you stroll.

The blessings of Jesus will cause your heart to sing,
And shine on your entire life, true happiness to bring.

The blessings of Jesus such happiness will bring,
Your doubts and fears will all fade. His praises you will sing.

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